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Spa Buyers Guide

Congratulations! You have made a very important decision to buy a spa. Not only will you reap the health benefits from spa ownership, you will also, without a doubt, enjoy more family time. We have put together a guide for things to consider when purchasing a spa. Hopefully, this will help determine what type of spa will fit best for your lifestyle so you will be happy with it for many years to come.

  • How will the spa be used?

Spas are typically used for two reasons: family time/togetherness or hydrotherapy for ailments or possibly both. Do you suffer from back pain, anxiety and stress, muscle pain or arthritis? Even as little as a 20 minute soak in a spa can help with these conditions.

  • How many people will be using the spa?

Determining how many users of the spa will tell you how large the spa must be to comfortably seat everyone.

  • Where will you put it?

The majority of spas in NEPA are located outdoors. Sitting out while the snow is falling, viewing the stars or enjoying your picturesque backyard are all reasons to keep it outside. Or maybe you would prefer to have your spa located in a well ventilated area indoors where it might be more easily accessible and climate controlled.

  • Do you have limitations to the size of the spa?

A typical door way is 36” and if you are considering putting it inside you would need to find a spa that is less than 36” in height. Or if you are placing it on a deck and only have an 8’x8’ area to put it, you are going to have to find a spa that fits that requirement. It’s also wise to consider how the delivery people are going to gain access to the area. Do you have a fence that interferes or deck railings that need to be removed for delivery?

  • Would you like a lounger or non-lounger seating?

Typically, loungers are used more for hydrotherapy purposes; massaging the back, thighs, calves and feet. Non-Lounger seating or open seating is generally used for entertainment purposes because they are more spacious and can accommodate more users. If you are unsure which seating style might fit best you may want to try wet or dry testing spas to see.

  • What is your budget?

Price can vary greatly with spas depending on size, features and accessories. You don’t necessarily need to have the biggest, most expensive spa to enjoy the therapeutic benefits. Having a budget in mind while spa shopping can narrow down what seems like endless options and varieties spas have now.

  • Who will service your spa?

When purchasing a spa it is important to also know the company you are buying from. Do they have a good reputation? Have your friends or relatives purchased from them? Are they capable of servicing your spa if you have issues in the future? Believe it or not some companies do not have factory trained staff on hand to service your spa and may have to call another dealer or service company to fix it.

We hope, regardless of who you purchase your spa from, that this guide will help you make good spa buying decisions. If there are other questions that you need to ask about buying a quality spa feel free to call us or stop into our Eynon or Wilkes-Barre store locations and talk with one of our sales staff.

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