Adding an Above-Ground Pool

A swimming pool may not add value to your home and property, but if you’re wanting that backyard cooling-off spot, an above-ground swimming pool costs far less than an in-ground pool. At around $3,000 for a basic above-ground model versus $30,000 for in-ground, you’ll spend 90% less, and you avoid the disruption of heavy equipment digging up your backyard.

The type of pool will be dictated by the space and location you have for the pool. Above ground pools are available in oval and round designs. Round pools provide more space to swim. They are usually less expensive than oval pools and easier to install. Oval pools enable homeowners to maximize the available space on the ground. The shape enables swimmers to play water sports or swim laps. An oval pool requires extra sidewall bracing, so that is one factor to consider. The temporary pools range from 10’ to 21’ in diameter while the permanent above ground pools are 18’ to 30’ with 24’ being the most popular size. The depth of the water can range from 30 inches to 52 inches.

If you are measuring space, you must also take into consideration what landscaping, additions, decking or surrounding areas you may want for the pool. For safety reasons you will want the pool to be in full site of the house. Also, as these pools require pumps and filters with an option of a heater, you will want to make sure you have access to a power source and to a water supply.


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